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Advantages of Factoring

The advantages of factoring offered by AFS

  • Fast and flexible approach, analysis and contract signing within a very short period of time after the data collection completion.

  • Receiving financing in less than 24 hours after acceptance of invoices by ACCESS FINANCIAL SERVICES.

  • Financing almost the whole of the net value of the invoice (funding 95% of the invoice amount net of VAT).

  • You can get financing for invoices that are cashed through various means: payment order, promissory notes, bills of exchange.

  • You can offer your customers payment terms longer than usual (up to 90 days). 

  • You do not need material collateral to qualify for financing the trade receivables.

  • In case of factoring without recourse, financing bills will not appear as a payment obligation in the balance sheet.

  • Already fixed costs, known from the beginning. Without further complicated interest calculus.

  • Products customized according to your needs.

Factoring and the factoring credit type represent the ideal solution for financing companies in Romania which:

  • Posse receivables from goods or services delivered, with deferred payment terms

  • Give or wish to give customers longer payment terms

  • Have an urgent need of cash

  • Do not hold other guarantees besides their receivables

  • Are set up recently

  • Have a fast growing business or seasonal activities

  • Have insufficient access to other sources of financing

  • Wish to have credibility based on the dynamics of their activity, not on the assets owned

All you need to do is to fill in the application on-line or contact one of our representatives.

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