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The Features of Factoring

Maximum amount:

  • Up to 80% of the invoice amount, including VAT


The difference:

  • Minimum 20% of the invoice value (without the financing costs), shall be received as soon as the financed invoice is fully collected.

Currency Available:




Granting Period:

  • Factoring line – up to 2 years


  • ACCESS FINANCIAL SERVICES offers competitive conditions depending on the covered  financing needs  and on the risk profile of the borrower and its assigned debtors (clients).

Invoices Maturity:

  • Up to 90 days



  • Assignment of the financed invoices

  • Promissory notes issued by the company and guaranteed by its shareholders /associates/ managers


Coverage of non-payment risk:

  • In non-recourse factoring, ACCESS FINANCIAL SERVICES may take over, in certain cases, the risk of non-payment by your borrowers, when they become insolvent, up to the level of 80% of the debt resulting from the invoices financed under the factoring contract.

  • In factoring with recourse, the risk of non-payment remains with the borrower.

Documents required:

  • List of documents

  • Financing Application Form 

All you need to do is to fill in the application on-line or contact one of our representatives.

Contact Us

Do you need short term financing?

You only have to contact us and one of our representatives will provide you with further information.

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