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The Loan you need, exactly when you need it

Features of short-term loans

Maximum amount financed:

  • Based on turnover and financial statements of the client

  • Facilities in case of discount: a maximum of 80% from the value of the receivable  subject to discount

Currency Available:


Credit period:

  • Lines of credit / ceilings: a maximum of 2 years with the possibility of extension subject to credit review

  • Loans with fixed installments: depending on the nature of the project


  • Commission and competitive interest, depending on  the  financing needs and the risk profile of the borrower and each assigned  debtor in case of a discount facility.



  • Flexible collateral structure; usually, no material collateral

Documents required:

  • List of documents

  • Financing Application Form

All you need to do is to fill in the application on-line or contact one of our representatives.

Contact Us

Do you need short term financing?

You only have to contact us and one of our representatives will provide you with further information.

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26 Armand Calinescu Str.,

Business Center
1rd Floor, Part A, District 2
Bucharet, 021012, Romania

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